Making a basement both welcoming and functional


"Lisa has been absolutely helpful, thoughtful and understanding to me and my family. She was so patient and considerate right from the very first consult over the phone, along with throughout the process (especially in understanding and navigating the highs, lows and challenges with my own family). I’ve been telling people that I can’t believe I did not reach out for help sooner - Lisa has just turned our spaces around and helped me really understand the mindset behind it. She is a hard worker, and works from the heart. You will be investing in your self care, family care, and home care by working with Lisa. I HIGHLY recommend working with her!"

-Puneet, Leonia, NJ

Puneet was focused, hard-working, and receptive to my recommendations about maintaining the space moving forward. It was truly a pleasure working together!-Lisa 

Saving time and money with a better-organized workspace.

"Lisa revitalized my personal office with her clear vision for a simpler and better-organized workspace. She kept it simple, kept me on task and got the job done within my time limitations. She saved me time and money by letting me do my job while she did hers."

-Amanda, Hackensack, NJ


Amanda, an attorney in Hackensack, NJ, uncovered valuable desk space and shelf space with a new filing system and covered a prominent wall with her diplomas.-Lisa 

One busy mom regained the use of her linen closet. 

Organize with Lisa OWL Before Closet Lisa Harris Professional Organizer Bergen County Paramus NJ
Organize with Lisa OWL After Closet Lisa Harris Professional Organizer Bergen County Paramus NJ

"I had a wonderful experience working with Lisa. She's creative and patient and made sure that the results worked for my family and me. Lisa brought so much enthusiasm and knowledge. I couldn't have done it without her!"

-Debbie, River Vale, NJ

UPDATE: Debbie filled in the empty space on the second shelf with toiletries and first-aid supplies.-Lisa

A "junk drawer becomes a valuable supply center.

" I highly recommend Lisa. She brings professionalism, knowledge, patience and caring to the job and you won't believe the results and how good you will feel. What a gift you gave me, Lisa! Motivation!"

-Carol, Oradell, NJ

UPDATE: Carol's "supply center" was our first project together. After that, we moved on to storage for her growing ebay business!-Lisa


If you struggle with extreme clutter, I can devise a manageable system for you to maintain on your own.  


"Lisa was very pleasant and motivating to work with and I was pleased with what we were able to accomplish in 20 hours.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone wanting to get their home in order. I've already booked another session with her!"

​-A.L. Bergen County, NJ

I'm so inspired by A.L.'s motivation! She and her family are making an ongoing effort in their shopping behaviors like following the "one in-one out" rule* to help keep their home clutter-free.-Lisa


*Definition: "One in-one out rule" - when you buy or bring an item into your home (like a shirt, a pair of pants, etc.), discard, donate, or sell an item that you no longer use. If you have clutter reduction needs you can raise it to "one in-two out."

Dr. Gould was all smiles over her home and office filing systems.

“I’m so happy with my systems … I keep filing and my house looks neat!! Love it.”

-Paula S. Gould, DDS, Wyckoff, NJ


I love getting feedback from my clients! I worked with Dr. Gould, a Wyckoff, NJ cosmetic and general dentist, to create a tickler filing system after she saw me present at a Bergen County Professional Women's Network (BCPWN.com) event.


We worked together to create two of these systems: one for home and one for her office. As you can see, they were a success and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help make her life a little more organized!-Lisa

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