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Pantry, Closets, and Lids, Oh My!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I recently worked with a mom of two young children, looking to keep up with her family's fast-paced lifestyle. Working from home, because of the pandemic, magnified the need to improve upon key areas throughout her home.

The Pantry - The deep shelves held a lot, but items in the back were hidden from view. Further, there was no order to their placement, making it challenging to know what she had. Clear bins, designed for deep spaces, risers, and items sorted by category were the solution.

The Coat Closet - A frequent destination, the family's coat closet became unsorted, making it difficult to find matching shoes and gloves, and locating each child's garments. I created height appropriate hooks for the children's umbrellas, backpacks making it easily accessible for them and encouraging independence. I then organized the cold weather items on top and hung a baseball cap organizer for this hat loving family!

Pots, Pans & Lids! - One of my client's daily frustrations involved finding the proper top to a container or piece of cookware. I resolved this by organizing the pots and pans by size and creating a filing system for the lids.

In Her Words: "Lisa helped to organize all my common/public spaces.

Now I enjoy putting away groceries, toys, coats and shoes.

Everything now has its place which makes tidying up much more efficient."

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