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Coaching the Coach

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Jill Friedbauer is a physical therapist, an author, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who uses a holistic approach to reducing stress through diet and lifestyle. Jill and I connected because one of her own life stressors was home organization. Not anymore!

READY FOR A CHANGE Jill and her husband recognized the need for more order throughout their house as well as how they shop. She referred to the results of our work together as “an incredibly life-transforming experience” on her recent Facebook Live video (1:42), so I thought I would share a bit more of her story and how I helped.


In my initial conversation with Jill and her family, “overwhelmed” was a feeling that they repeatedly conveyed. Each trip to the grocery store or Costco was stressful and overwhelming. Too often they either bought something they already had in the house or forgot something they needed. While making and contributing to a common household list is part of the equation here, the other piece is understanding the proper places for items and communicating when they run out. As a result, Jill gets more help in the kitchen because it’s easier to pitch in.


Games and activities; easily reached on bottom shelves.

Jill recounted a play date experience that some parents of young children may find familiar. The kids are playing nicely, when suddenly, out-of-the-blue, not five minutes in, they ask to play with some long-forgotten toy or activity. And now you’re scurrying around your home hoping to uncover the location of the missing Play-Doh, crayon maker, or a Harry Potter Lego set; only to discover that they’re on to the next project just a few moments later. Our first step was to solve for the “ask”. Instead of having to ask Jill to find their toys, we created an easily accessible space where all of the kid activities resided. This solution not only makes finding items easier, it promotes independence!


Found: Two pairs of scissors; big and little

Jill has a great sense of humor. On her Facebook Live video she revealed that she had accumulated 17 pairs of scissors, mainly because she could never find them when anyone needed them. And now, after organizing her work spaces, she learned that she doesn’t need so many scissors, along with much more.


Bins for quick access and labels to identify contents.

I always want to know that the systems we put in place are easily maintained, and if any further adjustments need to be made. So, I checked in with Jill about a month after we completed our project. I almost wasn’t prepared for the feedback. Jill expressed that “this has been a life changing experience that has decreased my stress level to a place I didn’t know was possible.” It’s reaffirming to hear what an impact we made. I’m so thrilled for the family!

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