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Services: OWL's NEST Program

DIY + Organizing on a Budget

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OWL’s NEST program is our new personalized service for DIYers and people on a budget to achieve impactful and fulfilling results in your spaces.


Call Lisa today and learn how OWL can help you.


Our expert organizers will chart a clear path to achieve your goals using our step-by-step approach. Whether it’s a small space of your entire home, we’ll develop a personalized plan that meets your unique need.


We’ll give you all the tools, strategies, and support you’ll need to confidently take on your clutter challenges, gain control of your spaces, and maintain long-lasting organization.


You’ll save time and money by implementing our efficient organizing methods. Together we'll identify cost-effective storage and innovative ways to repurpose your existing items.


By following the plan that we created together, you’ll see your space transform into the calm, clutter-free environment that you’ve always wanted.

Together, we'll solve your organizational challenges

From kitchens to kid stuff, storage closets to filing systems, OWL will give you the strategies and tools to help you conquer those challenging spaces

OWL's 4-Step Process

1. Declutter

We'll guide you on decluttering your space by donating what no longer serves you and making room for what does.

3. Implement

You'll have all the tools to implement our personalized system for getting your items organized.

2. Sort

We'll set up a plan for you to sort items into categories based on when, where, how, and why you use them.

4. Maintain

We'll teach you the necessary habits to maintain your newly organized spaces.

Ready to get your spaces under control?

Schedule your 30-minute consultation. 

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