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A.L. struggled with extreme clutter.

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I helped A.L. By devising a manageable system she and her family are able to maintain on their own.

"Lisa was very pleasant and motivating to work with and I was pleased with what we were able to accomplish in 20 hours.  I would highly recommend her services for anyone wanting to get their home in order. I've already booked another session with her!"​-A.L. Bergen County, NJ

I'm so inspired by A.L.'s motivation! She and her family are making an ongoing effort in their shopping behaviors like following the "one in-one out" rule* to help keep their home clutter-free.-Lisa

*Definition: "One in-one out rule" - when you buy or bring an item into your home (like a shirt, a pair of pants, etc.), discard, donate, or sell an item that you no longer use. If you have clutter reduction needs you can raise it to "one in-two out."

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