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Lisa Harris 0WL Organize with Lisa

Say goodbye to overwhelm – and hello to calm.

Sometimes feeling stressed or overwhelmed is the result of excess clutter

or less-than-ideal space utilization. 

Whether you’re a hardworking professional, a busy mom, or going through a life transition (or all three!), the OWL team can organize and maximize your spaces to create environments you love living or working in.

We focus on:

  • Listening to your concerns, determining what is/is not working, and clarifying your goals. 

  • Creating customized systems to reorganize your space and improve the "flow." 

  • Developing simple strategies to help you keep things in order and eliminate overwhelm.


From clutter control and organizing to pre- and post-move management, clients love OWL’s gentle, non-judgmental approach – and our easy-to-maintain solutions.

There really IS a place for everything!! From kitchens to kid stuff, storage closets to filing systems, OWL can reduce the clutter and bring order to every aspect of your home and/or work life. more.

Making a fresh start? OWL will make your move safe and stress-free – from purging and packing to setting up your new space like you’ve been living there for years. more.

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