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Organizing for Couples: Happy Valentine's Day

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I found some great ideas on “organizing for couples”. Click below for some inspiration!

1. Opposites Attract: This article from Nicole Anzia, a contributor to The Washington Post, suggests ways that couples can “live in peace when your organizing styles are at war.”

2. Shared Calendars: Those looking for app functionality beyond the built-in calendars from Apple, Google and Microsoft will enjoy this roundup from Zapier, a company that helps developers ensure that apps communicate with each other.

3. Money Management: Named a “new app we love” by Apple (May, 2017), Honeydue: Couples Finance is “a simple way to manage money, together,” allowing couples to choose what they want to share, coordinate bills, and keep tabs on split expenses. It has great ratings and a new version 2.0 update for 2018.

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