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Smiles All Around

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Tickler systems are a great way to reduce your clutter while helping make sure that timely bills get paid and tasks get completed on time. So when Dr. Paula S. Gould, a cosmetic and general dentist from Wyckoff, NJ saw me demonstrate their value at a recent Bergen County Professional Women's Network (BCPWN) presentation she ordered two; one for her home and one for her office.

And together, we customized the systems to her needs.

Tickler systems (also called tickler files) got their start in law offices during the early part of the twentieth century (or perhaps even earlier). According to the Wikipedia entry on the subject, "small task cards or 'tickler cards' would be filed by date and then distributed to lawyers as legal tasks such as renewal of trademarks, updating of wills and filing of motions for a particular case would be approaching."

If you want to learn more about Tickler files you can check out David Allen's website Getting Things Done, follow Merlin Mann's 43 Folders, or give me a call!

Or, check out the smile from Dr. Gould for helping make her life a little more organized!


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