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Setting up a Successful Spring Clean: 3 Key Areas of Focus

Spring is officially (and finally) here, and you know what that means. You guessed it! Spring cleaning. After enduring the cold days and long nights of winter, the first signs of spring are a welcome change, reminding us not only of the warmer weather and longer days to come but also of the chance we have for a fresh start.

As a professional organizer, I appreciate any opportunity to declutter and create a clean, organized home, so you can imagine how much I love the concept of ‘spring cleaning’. Just as the New Year often inspires us to create resolutions (which may or may not have been forgotten by springtime), the changing of the seasons can give us the boost we need to re-evaluate and refocus our goals.

Whether you’re just as excited about spring cleaning as I am or you’re dreading your potential to-do list, you may be wondering what spring cleaning even entails. While spring cleaning will look different for everyone depending on one’s abilities and typical cleaning habits, there are a few key things you can focus on to successfully clean and reset your home this spring.

1.     Deep cleaning and repairs

Spring cleaning goes deeper than the typical tidying up that you may be used to day-to-day. While it’s important to keep visible surfaces clean, this is an opportunity to clean the areas of your home that are often neglected or easily forgotten, such as wiping down baseboards, dusting hard-to-reach places, and cleaning appliances.

Before you start, take a tour around your house, and take special care to inspect areas that may usually go unnoticed. Use this time to create a checklist with specific tasks for each room. This is also a great opportunity for some general house maintenance, so take note of anything that may need to be replaced/repaired. For example, washing comforters and pillows, cleaning light fixtures, grout touch-ups, scuff marks, loose hinges, lightbulbs, etc.  

2.     Get organized, but start small

While I’d love to tell you that spring cleaning is a great opportunity to organize the entirety of your home, realistically, it would take more time and energy than you may have left after you just finished deep cleaning it! Getting organized is an important step to a happier, healthier home, but it’s also important to do so in a sustainable way; when it comes to getting organized, don’t think of spring cleaning as a time to finish, but more a time to get started!

I recommend starting small and focusing on one or two areas at a time. In the case of spring cleaning, it’s a great opportunity to focus on the spaces that may be directly affected by the changing seasons - like your closet. With the transition into warmer weather, it may be time to take out your spring and summer clothes and put your winter gear into storage.

3.     Delegating and Time Management

Deep cleaning and getting organized can be a time-consuming, and often physically tiring process, which is probably why we reserve it for special occasions, like spring! With that in mind, be realistic about your schedule and abilities. Trying to cram all your tasks into one day, or even one weekend, is probably an unrealistic goal and will most likely result in burnout.

Remember, spring cleaning is about refreshing your space so can move forward and continue your goals with a renewed energy and focus. It defeats the purpose if you have no energy left after using it all to clean! Make sure to set manageable and achievable goals for yourself, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks where you can. With a successful spring clean, not only with your home be sparkling, but you’ll also feel refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of the year ahead!

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