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Gearing up For College ... Again!

As the parent of an incoming college sophomore, I’ve learned (almost) as much about 21st century independent living as my campus-residing son. Last year I blogged about some of my move-in day insights, including the need for flat-plug power strips, the virtues of Command strips/hooks, blue IKEA bags, Swiffers, and more. While all those still apply, here’s some more I picked up over the last year.

1. It’s a new day, a new dorm – It’s the rarity for your student to be living in the same dorm, in the same room, with the same roommate. This means that some of those carefully picked-out freshman dorm items may no longer apply. Now is a great time to take stock of the items they need to fill-in … did the rug make it? Is it still the right size? Or, are they using the roommates? Yay, more room in the car!

2. Waste Not, Pack Not – Speaking from personal experiences, your student is changing their sheets a lot less frequently than you think they are. Last year I packed three spare sheet sets. Not necessary … He only needed one spare. Space saved!

3. Fewer Check-ins – Now that they’ve acclimated to being on their own, you can expect to hear from them less often. Of course, they’ll still call or text when they need money, so you still have that.

4. Retain some containers – Another learning from last year … Unless it’s pizza from last night, your student is not likely to save leftover food. No need for all those plastic containers and lids. His sat on his shelf, gathering dust, in exactly the same spot I put them. If you must, pack one or two … and while we may encourage them to wrap that pizza, they will most likely leave it in the box ‘till the morning. Deep breaths.

So, all you parents of returning students, what are some of the lessons you learned along the way? Let me know in the comments below!

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