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Making a Difference in Our Community

Each January at NAPO, we give back to our communities through GO (“Get Organized”) Month. Yesterday, our chapter, NAPO NNJ, visited La Casa de Don Pedro of Newark, NJ where we worked with their staff to improve access to supplies and increase general productivity.

La Casa de Don Pedro is a vital champion in the greater Newark area, helping residents improve the quality of their lives through education and economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and family programs and services.

Since La Casa de Don Pedro staff is so busy caring for families, it was an honor to find ways to make their jobs easier and more efficient. So eighteen of us worked throughout their three-story facility, categorizing, labeling, re-purposing, and decluttering; transforming classrooms and non-functioning storage areas into more practical spaces.

The center has dozens of children come through their doors each day for classes and after school programs. It was heartwarming to see all the arts and crafts. My colleague Carrie Cooper and I got to work; first emptying out a craft closet that also held entertaining items like cups, plates, and plasticware. Everything was then labeled and placed into storage bins that we bought especially for the project. In all, the team made a measurable difference that the staff will feel each day. We already saw their sense of relief at the sight of the Junkluggers truck hauling the first of two loads (another is scheduled for this week.) If results can be measured by the smiles from the staff at La Casa de Don Pedro, I’d say it was a job well done.

For more information on the impact that La Casa de Don Pedro is having on the Greater Newark community, click here.

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