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Looking Forward

The past two weekends gave us a peek at what our lives may look like moving forward, following the announcement of new gathering rules. And while our family has gotten into a groove despite the distractions, procrastination, and sometimes lack of motivation, I gotta admit, it was a rough start. Like many households, both my husband and I are working from home and our boys (17 and 20) are in the house as well. We had to define new rules for everything from lights out (or at least when the music stops) to how early we can take a conference call from the dining room table.

Focus on the Future

Since the pandemic began, I've made a conscious effort (albeit not always successfully) to focus on the future. I've been mindful of those moments I enjoy connecting in new ways (hey, nice zoom background!), and more resilient as events unfold differently than expected. Coincidentally, after months of preparation, I announced my virtual organizing offering less than a week before our governor's lock-down orders. I didn't expect it'd be the only way I'd be able to work and "see" my clients for over two months.

Forward, It Is

While I will continue to be available virtually for those who find it more convenient as well as more comfortable, I'm looking forward to restarting work in peoples' homes and being able to see the difference that I'm making first-hand. I'm also excited about sharing my passion for preparedness by speaking with community and networking groups. I used some of my stay-at-home time to outline tangible ways we can all better prepare for emergencies by organizing (there's that word again) a response framework, and I presented some of the important steps we can take right away.

Future "Asks"

Earlier this month I hosted a webinar called "Ask the Organizer". In light of our changing lives, I was asked such thoughtful questions around topics like like relying on our calendars more than ever before ... making more refined lists for grocery shopping and planning out our meals to avoid that extra trip to the store.

I received great feedback from people asking me to do it again, so I'd love to find out .. What's next for you? Will you continue working from home? How have your food shopping and meal preparation habits changed, and what lessons have you learned that you'll be applying moving forward? Let me know your thoughts; we’re in this together!

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