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Dorm Room Move-out: Strategies for a Pain-free Day

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

It's the time of year when college students are moving home. Move-out Day has all of the stress of Move-in Day with none of the excitement. The bedding is no longer new, the rug has seen better days, and your student has likely spent the last few days and sleepless nights focused on completing the last of their final exams. They are tired, parents are tired, and everyone just wants to get back home. Here are some tips to make your Move-out Day as pain-free as possible.

  1. Out of Sight. Pack up non-essentials, and no-longer needed items first.

  2. Out with the Wash. Does your student come home from break with a month’s worth of laundry? If they do come home anytime before the end of school (or you’re visiting them), take a few empty duffel bags or big blue Ikea bags home in advance.

  3. Reduce Study Stress. Take a study break and start packing up the room before Move-out day. Experts report how organizing improves your physical and mental health!

  4. Donations? Perhaps that rug still has some life in it. Or, if your student is a senior and they don’t need that refrigerator or microwave, contact local thrift stores or Goodwill for drop off.

  5. Roll with it! Toilet paper and paper towel rolls make a great storage solution for that mess of cords and cables hanging from electronics. Label them with a sharpie and tape the ends to prevent unraveling.

  6. Summer Separates. Pack items that you’ll want to use during the summer in a separate bag or box. Labeling the container will help when you unpack.

  7. Leave ‘em Hanging. Cover hanging in plastic bags if you don’t have garment bags.

  8. Sleep on It. Pack up bedding last. Use it to wrap the TV, their computer, mirror, or any other breakables.

  9. Only if Necessary. Seek out a remote storage solution if practical. Research on and off-campus options. Many require 30 days prior reservations. Consider splitting the cost of a storage facility with friends and future roommates.

And don’t worry about untangling those string lights until after you’re miles from campus.~Lisa


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