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Planning A Trip? De-stress before you Depart!

Updated: May 28, 2018

As much as I always cherish being on vacation, I used to dread the preparation it actually took to get to that lounge chair by the pool or to enjoy that famous sight! Here are a few ways that you can alleviate some of the stress while planning to get away:

1. THE “A LIST” – Make a list, save it and take it. Start your journey by listing the clothing and items you’re taking with you. Make a list and save it on your computer, your phone or in the cloud for future trips. You can also print out a copy and store it in your suitcase for reference … “Hmmm, now which bag did I stash those Twizzlers in?”

2. WHEEL NICE – Use bags with wheels to help you navigate city streets and airports. You can also find a backpack with wheels, so you have an alternative … your back will thank you!

3. KEEP CALM, IT’S IN THE CARRY ON – Keep important items such as medications, your toothbrush and tooth paste, and phone chargers in your carry-on bag. If your checked bags get delayed (or wind up in Dayton, OH like mine recently did) you won’t feel completely disoriented. Oh yeah, now I remember, good thing I always pack my Twizzlers in my carry-on!

4. TRAVEL SIZE MATTERS – On average, it takes two weeks to use 4 oz. of shampoo. Keep your toiletries small to save space, and to adhere to carry-on regulations.

5. PASS THE MAYO (CLINIC) – Make your own first aid kit and keep it handy; especially if you’re traveling with children. Band-Aids, triple antibiotic, pain reliever and allergy medicine could be a time saver and money saver, as well as a fun saver!

6. RE-PURPOSE WITH A PURPOSE – Plan flexible outfits and accessories. By using your carry on bag as a beach bag, or wearing shoes that go with multiple outfits, you’ll save space and get your bag weight below that dreaded 50 lb. limit!

7. JUST ROLL WITH IT – Underwear, socks, and knits are roll-friendly. By tightly packing them they’ll take up less room in your bag. If you’re looking to take your roll game to the next level, check out this instructive article and video on Ranger Rolling!

8. IT’S ELECTRIC – If travelling internationally, research what adapters you’ll need. If you're visiting more than one country, check out whether this compact 5 in 1 adapter does the trick. It claims to work in over 150 countries … Boogie Woogie Woogie!

9. LIVING ON THE EDGE – As a general rule, I usually scroll past any life hack that incorporates binder clips, but using one to protect your razor blade is worthy of it’s own mention.

10. TAG, YOU'RE IT – If you haven’t purchased new luggage recently, there’s a good chance that it’s black, and it looks like 85% of the bags on the carousel. However, you can still distinguish it from the others by adding ribbon, a unique over-sized luggage tag, or strategically placed electrical tape.

Add your own tips and tricks in the comments below … Happy travels!

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