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Organize with Lisa ... Virtually!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Is virtual organizing right for you? Read about how I work remotely with clients and let’s set up time to discuss how it can work for you!

What is virtual organizing? It’s another way of working with me utilizing my experience and expertise through our computer or phone screens! We still discuss challenges and goals, just like in person, but you are able to implement strategies based on our conversation and my direction.

How long is a Virtual Organizing session? Typically, a session is one hour long. Depending on the project, there may be ‘homework’ assigned prior to our next session.

Who is Virtual Organizing good for? Virtual Organizing is a great alternative for busy people. It allows us to work evening hours or weekends. It also allows me to record the session so you can refer back to the recording for help & support when doing any homework. It’s also good for DIY (do it yourself) type people who are able to follow through on a given task. Virtual organizing can also be a more affordable option because it offers shorter appointments.

What types of projects/challenges do we work on? We can virtually work on almost anything. Whether you’re looking to make progress on decluttering or you have a particular project in mind like paper organizing or clearing out a whole room, we can create a plan together virtually. We will talk through what’s in your space, what your goals are, and lay out a plan together that you can follow, and I can help coach from my screen just as if I were in the room with you!

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